Tuesday, December 25, 2012

some new work- collage with wood pieces



poster for exhibition as wallpaper..

Julian and Bree have transformed this room into a tearoom as part of 'Planted'... a show based around plant vessels and other plant related matter. There is my yellow piece on the wall..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Piece and Part

Above are some photos from my new show 'Piece and Part' at Mr Kitly. It was a great opening night,  friends and visitors had some fun arranging the (magnetic) puzzles.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tonight! Antonia Sellbach- Part and Piece

I've finally had a chance to take a breather in terms of the fact that I can now take a moment to write this.. a few more details about the show. It opens 6pm tonight at Mr Kitly. I have been working on some major large-scale wooden geometric modular frames, which have been arranged into 3 separate combinations for viewing. I'm really excited about this new work. there are some fantastic possibilities inherent within the simple composite slatted frames to tesselate, layer and moire and so forth.. which is something I will be continuing to explore further after this show.

I have also made (although it nearly killed me) 5 wooden puzzle block sets. Each wooden (pine) puzzle is hand-painted and stained, and has a magnet sunk into the back for easy, arrangement on enamelled steel backing boards. The thing I like about these is that as an avid collector of geometric,wooden puzzles there is always the problem of how to display some of them without having a block avalanche on your shelf / mantle whatever, but not anymore.. I've tipped the boards upside down and thankfully, each wooden block sits firmly in place. They are about the size of 12" vinyl. Classic visual format (!) They also have holes drilled for easy hanging on the wall.

For someone who spent 5 years creating and rearranging (beloved, yet archivally volatile), paper modules which were fixed to the wall with push pins ( each dog eared corner housing many many little holes) this is about as slick as I have ever got! Still.. small 'anomalies' and 'imperfections' such as paint drips or surface variation have been left as is. I haven't gotten that slick and I am not a factory of mass production! To the minutiae this has been a very hands on project.

I'm hoping people will enjoy rearranging these puzzles on the night.. and working on some of their own favourite compositions. I have had a ball playing around with the possibilites myself and the opening night is a great opportunity for others to have a go at their own combinations. It is wholly encouraged!

Hope you can make it along to the show. And to overseas friends.. I will post more photos after the opening.